Der Ruritanische Widerstand - The Ruritanian Resistance


We are 'collecting' some rare photographs and other images from Ruritania... (What do you mean, "it doesn't exist"? We have the imagination - and the image-tweaking software...!!!)


Two Cities


- city of, erm, contrasts! (Hope ignores the likely impact of the death of their champion on the Altstadt's "turbulent" working-class. History, suggests the likelihood of violence and violent repression...)

Strelsau Altstadt

Strelsauer Altstadt, early 20C

The large grey Gothic Cathedral dominated the heart of the Altstadt.

Strelsau  Altstadt

Strelsau Cathedral

Throughout the Altstadt, the Cathedral was inevitably on the skyline.



Rudolf V/Rudolf Rassendyll?

There is some doubt as to when this portrait was made, hence identification cannot be 100% certain...


Michael von Elphberg, Duke & Governor of Strelsau

A rare surviving engraving of the Duke of Strelsau, as displayed in numerous windows in the Altstadt for 'Rudolf V''s coronation. Black-haired and brown-eyed, his swarthy appearance (whence his epithet "Black") was only brightened latterly by a hectic flush and brilliance of eye: signs of a disease which would have destroyed him had not von Hentzau got in there first with an unplanned (and fatal) artificial pneumothorax-by-sword...

Frau Holf

Frau Holf:

Housekeeper at the Duke's hunting-lodge in Zenda, widowed mother of Max, Johann and 2 daughters. Rassendyll ungallantly described her as "fat and elderly": she was about 50 (her youngest, Rosa, was only a teenager). Three years later, she was running a food-shop and lodgings at 19 Königstraße, Strelsau. Johann, by then living abroad on hush-money, evidently did not confide in her the circumstances of the Duke's murder: had she known the truth, it is unlikely that she would have aided Hentzau, his killer. The lithograph is from a magazine interview with her about Hentzau's death. She did not divulge all, and so, like her surviving son, lived comfortably on the proceeds of her silence.

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