Der Ruritanische Widerstand - The Ruritanian Resistance

The Heart of Princess Osra
John Williamson, 1896
Longmans, Green & Co.

Each of the 9 short stories about the love-life of Rudolf III's sister Osra in the 1730s has its own illustration. It has to be said that Osra is one of the more annoying von Elphbergs, though not quite in the "Please somebody kill him NOW!" category of Rudolf V...

Stephen the Smith

The Marquis de Mérosailles

Lord Harry Culverhouse

Christian the Highwayman

The Count of Festenburg

Giraldo the Painter

The Miller of Hofbau

The Prince of Glottenberg

The Grand Duke of Mittenheim

Prisoner of Zenda
Charles Dana Gibson, 1898
Macmillan's Colonial Library

(Previous editions were not illustrated)

Chapter 5
The Altstadt gives 'the King' a mixed reception

Chapter 10
Flavia, Rassendyll & Sapt leave the ball

Chapter 13
Johann brings a message to Rassendyll, Fritz & Sapt

Chapter 18
Rassendyll vs Detchard (with Rudolf waving chair)

Chapter 20
Rassendyll kisses Flavia

Rupert of Hentzau
Charles Dana Gibson, 1898
Macmillan's Colonial Library

Chapter 2
Rupert steals Flavia's letter from Fritz

Chapter 4
Flavia & Rassendyll meet again

Chapter 8
Rudolf is found dead

Chapter 9
Fritz takes the letter from Hermann

Chapter 14
Helga comforts Flavia

Chapter 15
James & Sapt plot

Chapter 18
Rassendyll's triumph

Chapter 21
Rassendyll lies in state as Rudolf V

Nelson's Library, c 1902-03

Dudley Tennant frontispiece for 'The Prisoner of Zenda'

Prisoner of Zenda
Dudley Tennant

Antoinette de Mauban, avenging her toy-boy Duke Michael's life and her own honour, pursues Rupert von Hentzau with a pistol, but, unfortunately for everyone, misses... (Rupert looks a bit old here, and 'Toinette not as frantic and dishevelled as one would expect after attempted rape.)

W Webster frontispiece for 'Rupert of Hentzau'

Rupert of Hentzau
W. E. (or B.) Webster

Queen Flavia and Hon. Rudolf Rassendyll,with Col. Sapt and Lieutenant von Bernenstein.
(Ignoring the framing device in the text, as did Gibson, the artist depicts Flavia in contemporary dress, rather than some 20 years before the book was written.)

Grossett & Dunlap, c. 1923-4

Other plates from the Grossett & Dunlap editions - stills from the 1922 and 1923 films - are on the Films page.

Cover of Grossett & Dunlap 'Prisoner of Zenda'

Prisoner of Zenda

Plan of the Castle of Zenda

Plan of Schloß Zenda
Howard Ince
(colour by Doc M)


Rupert of Hentzau

Prisoner of Zenda
Howard K Elcock, c. 1923

(Thanks to Marg)

These illustrations show clear influences from the 1922 film version in their depictions of the characters.

Amelia's portrait

Rassendyll & Rose

The innkeeper's daughter at Zenda

Johann & the innkeeper's daughter

Fritz & Sapt find Rassendyll


Sapt & the King


Michael & Flavia


Rassendyll v. the Duke's men

Rassendyll & Flavia


Rassendyll & Fritz

Krafstein & Albert von Lauengram are shot

Antoinette in the window

Rassendyll swims the moat

Rassendyll v. de Gautet

Rassendyll v. Detchard

Rupert on the bridge

Rupert flees

Antoinette tends the dying Michael

Flavia finds...whom?!!!

Fritz & Sapt watch Rassendyll's train depart

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